Comprehensive consulting services on corporate level
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At Hudson Hill Associates Ltd., we use our practical knowledge in order to provide professional training and advisory services on such topics as investing, risk management, asset valuations, personal finance, strategy building, and researching and analyzing whole economies and particular sectors.

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Consulting services

We are genuine experts in international business with many years of practice.

Since 2008, our team has comprehensively represented European corporate clients and their interests worldwide, starting with establishing contacts and preparing reports on specific lines of business, through organizing local structures, running media campaigns, managing events and lobbing, and ending with taking care of our clients’ interests.

On behalf of our European clients, we seek out business partners, arrange meetings, conduct negotiations, represent counterparties worldwide, help to obtain favorable settlements, advance proceedings, supervise our principals’ interests, ensure timely payments and the fulfilment of contractual provisions and other responsibilities.

We can help you win tenders, enter into favorable agreements and tackle tough negotiations with foreign partners. In order to ensure complete discretion for our clients, we only enter into cooperation with those partners who have their seats registered in countries characterized by a high degree of commercial confidentiality and bank secrecy. We do our best to select partners who reflect the individual needs of each client, as well as checking that the countries where both parties are registered have not signed a mutual agreement on the automatic exchange of tax information, economic information etc.

Our consulting services are mostly offered to corporate clients; however, we also provide help to wealthy individuals in the area of such broad topics as tax planning, preparing succession, building offshore structures and family office-related activities.