Independent research and objective reports
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At Hudson Hill Associates Ltd., we use our practical knowledge in order to provide professional training and advisory services on such topics as investing, risk management, asset valuations, personal finance, strategy building, and researching and analyzing whole economies and particular sectors.

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Research and reports

We conduct comprehensive studies and formulate reports on specific companies from numerous countries. We also cover whole sectors, as well as commodities and many different economies.

By asking us to prepare reports, our clients are able to make wise investing decisions based on facts, statistics and professional knowledge.

As we never work for the sell side, our research and analysis are free of bias often skewed towards positive aspects. Our multidisciplinary reviews are objective, independent and exhaustive.

When we work on a project, we often hire local experts (PhD, CFA, MBA) to help us evaluate the gathered information, put it into a proper context and ‘connect the dots’.

It is possible to order a so-called “shared report”, which we offer to many of our clients, or a personalized report prepared solely to reflect a set of unique needs. Where this occurs, we are able to sign a mutual confidentiality agreement, which imposes high financial penalties for disclosing any part of such a report to anyone.

Please be aware that we never make recommendations about “buy/sell” actions for particular stocks or other financial instruments, thus we do not violate MiFID and FCA regulations.