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At Hudson Hill Associates Ltd., we use our practical knowledge in order to provide professional training and advisory services on such topics as investing, risk management, asset valuations, personal finance, strategy building, and researching and analyzing whole economies and particular sectors.

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Professional individual trainings

We offer comprehensive individual training for anyone wishing to benefit from financial markets in various ways.

We teach accounting basics, such as determining the time value of money, discounting cash flows, reading financial statements and probabilistic/statistical applications. We show how to evaluate particular companies or whole economies using many different ratios.

Helping to create a strategy with proper risk management tactics, which are appropriate for our clients, is our main priority. We focus on providing money management tools based on mathematics, as well as personal finance tools based on behavioral aspects. We ensure that all of the methods used are suitable for a particular customer’s personality.

In the process, we take our trainees to another level by advising them on how to properly use financial instruments and derivatives to reach their goals and develop advanced professional investing strategies using many different concepts.

We also offer training on how to hedge personal portfolios and maximize gains by writing covered options against pre-owned assets or speculating on particular stocks using strategies such as momentum or swing trading.

As we always focus on clients’ discrete needs, we prepare separate and specific agendas each time we have to deal with unique requirements.

Training can be provided at our offices in London, New York or Warsaw, or online formats to anywhere around the world. While it is possible to arrange a meeting or training in almost any city in the world, please be aware that additional costs may apply.